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On The Downbeat: In Concert
September / October 2011

On The Downbeat - Profiles:
* (April / May 2012) Jerry Goldsmith & The Films Of Michael Crichton

* (Dec. 2011 / Jan. 2012) Scoring The Films Of Ray Harryhausen
* (Sept ./ Oct.. 2011) Maurice Jarre

* (July 2011) Michael Kamen
* (May 2011) Basil Poledouris


     Very often when actors release a vocal album, "polite indifference" is the outward response while "you gotta be effin' kiddin' me" of the scorn-and-ridicule sort the inward.  Anyone remember "Mr. Tamborine Man" from WILLIAM SHATNER's 1968 album THE TRANSFORMED MAN, or "Party All The Time" from Eddie Murphy's HOW COULD IT BE? - 1985, ... produced by Rick James no less, bitch!).  Not so with JEFF BRIDGES 2000 debut BE HERE SOON.  Available as an CD-R,  Bridges' pastiche homage (a bit of country, rock, blues and even old school R&B abetted with harmonies by former Doobie Brother MICHAEL MCDONALD) did well.  It also proved he had the vocal chops to take on his eventually Oscar winning role as self-destructive country singer Otis "Bad" Blake in 2009's CRAZY HEART. 

     Impressed with Bridges' voice, Blue Note Records offered him the opportunity to record a studio album for general release.  And the multi-hyphenate modern renaissance man (he's also an accomplished photographer and painter) responded with the self titled JEFF BRIDGES.  Filled with extremely lyrical and listenable straight-up country tunes (refreshingly more poetic and optimistic than much of today's musical genre norm); and ushered in by the release of it's first single "What A Little Bit Of Love Can Do" (debut Aug. 15, 2011), the album to date has peaked at #10 on Billboard's "Country" chart,  #2 on "Folk", and #5 on "Rock". 

     In June, 2011 AOL invited Bridges and his band to film live renditions from the album for it's online series "Sessions".  We present five of those performances followed by a pair of short "Behind the Scenes / Interview" featurettes. 

         "What A Little Bit Of Love Can Do" (3:32)                                                     "Everything But Love" (4:36)

         "Maybe I Missed The Point" (3:30)                                                                  "The Quest" (3:00)   

         "Fallin' And Flyin'" (2:51)                                                                                     Behind the SESSIONS (2:38)

JEFF BRIDGES Interview (3:27)

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John Barry
conducts "The James Bond Suite" (2001)
- 6:10

The John Barry Orchestra
at BBC Proms Music Fest. Suite from THE LION IN WINTER (1968)
(Main Title / Eleanore's Arrival / We're All Jungle Creatures) - 9:42

The John Barry Orchestra
at BBC Proms Music Fest.  Suite from DANCES WITH WOLVES (1990) - 4:13



"CONAN THE BARBARIAN - Suite for Orchestra"
- 7/22/06 Andalucia Phil. Orch. & Chorus / Ubeda, Spain

Pt. 1 (Anvil of Crom / Riddle of Steel, Riders of Doom) - 10:11

Pt. 2 (Gift of Fury / Atlantean Sword / Love Theme)
- 10:24

Pt. 3 (Funeral Pyre / Battle of the Mounds) - 10:20

Pt. 4 (Orphans of Doom / The Awakening)
- 8:47




J. Williams
conducts Theme to SUPERMAN (1978) - Boston Pops Orchestra (5/26/07) - 5:13  


J. Williams
conducts Suite from Harry Potter (2001) - with Commentary - 10:18


. Williams conducts Theme to Jurassic Park (1993)
- at the Hollywood Bowl - 5:48
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