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* JANUARY 28, 2012


Fans love the films of directors JOHN LANDIS and JOE DANTE.  Landis gave us ANIMAL HOUSE, AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON, TRADING PLACES, COMING TO AMERICA, MICHAEL JACKSON'S THRILLER video, and INNOCENT BLOOD;  while Dante was responsible for the original THE HOWLING and PIRANHA (1978) - which lead Steven Spielberg to team as producer with the iconoclastic director on TWILIGHT ZONE: THE MOVIE (the "It's A Good Life" segment), GREMLINS, INNERSPACE, GREMLINS 2 and SMALL SOLDIERS.  Without Spielberg Dante also unleashed THE 'BURBS, the underrated EXPLORERS, MATINEE, LOONEY TUNES BACK IN ACTION and the TV series EERIE, PENNSYLVANIA.  

Many aren't aware however that the two are also the brains behind (and hosts) of the popular "Trailers From Hell" website, or that Landis is author of the best selling coffee table photo book "MONSTERS IN THE MOVIES", a lovingly comprised assemblage of over one thousand stills from the Klobal Collection - the largest collection of motion picture images in the world. 

The two cinematic "L'enfant terribles" will discuss genre films, "Trailers From Hell", "Monsters In The Movies", and whatever else strikes their fancy Saturday night January 28th, 2012 at Larry Edmunds Bookshop, Hollywood.

     For additional info as well as future events, visit the official website of Larry Edmunds' Bookshop.


* February 15, 2012


Few names in the history of cinema carry the weight of the late composer Henry Mancini (1924 - 1994).  Known primarily for an unheard of list of breezy (and award winning) film tunes which became popular chart-topping hits (PETER GUNN, BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY'S, THE PINK PANTHER, VICTOR VICTORIA), his dramatic sensibilities were equally keen and innovative, supplying chameleon-like underscore to projects as varied as Stanley Kramer's wildcatter oil drilling period piece OKLAHOMA CRUDE, Phil Kaufman's stranded whaler saga THE WHITE DAWN, and even the full blown operatic horror of Tobe Hooper's end-of-the-world space vampire epic LIFEFORCE.  As a young composer he even got his start composing individual scene tracks to 50s-era horror fare such as REVENGE OF THE CREATURE and TARANTULA. 

In post WW2 America his biggest contribution however would be in helping take the "voice" of film music out of the hands of European traditionalism and turning it over to the control of the American musical idiom, most notably that of it's jazz masters.   In the new book John Caps (producer, writer, host of NPR's THE CINEMA SOUNDTRACK) focuses on Mancini's working relationships with various directors, breaks numerous of the master's scores down to their elemental components, and attempts to discover just why ... and how! Mancini's music cut straight to the heart of an entire film going generation to become the pop culture phenomenon it remains today. 

     HENRY MANCINI: REINVENTING FILM MUSIC will be available Feb. 15, 2012;  more at 


* APRIL 14 - 22, 2012

The Sacramento International Film Festival hosts some of the world's best filmic talent both globally and locally with over a week of films, workshops, and special events. Each year we continue our mission to cultivate filmmaking as an independent art while welcoming all levels of the film industry to our region. 

 Film submissions are currently being accepted in the categories of Short Form, Long Form, Latino Filmmaker's Showcase, Urban Films
Showcase, Animated Film Showcase, and more ... . 

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