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     Finishing principal photography early summer 2015, we've already begun the post-production (editing) phase on MAN WHO "SAVED" THE MOVIES with an eye towards the Fall / Winter 2015 - 2016 film festival season.  Keep abreast of updates and developments by "Like"-ing MAN WHO "SAVED" THE MOVIES ON FACEBOOK, or clicking the link below to join our weekly GullCottage / Flying Bear Films mailing list.  To financially support MAN WHO "SAVED" THE MOVIES directly, click the logo to the right to connect with the production ... you mogul, you!

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Synopsis / Crew Personnel / Shooting Schedule/ Teaser Trailer

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(Tuesday - 7/23/13)

     * PHASE 1 of our three phase principal photography shooting schedule commenced this past weekend (Fri. July 19th - Sun. July 21st) at the colorful MONSTER BASH Convention just outside of Pittsburgh in Mars, PA.  Yes! - the MONSTER BASH in Mars!  A resounding success, not only did our planned "sit down" interviews (featuring Veronica Carlson, Lenny Kohl, and Terry Pace) exceed expectations, but we also overwhelmed by a number of other celebrity conference guests who also chose to participate.  These included actors Pat Priest (THE MUNSTERS, EASY COME EASY GO), Butch Patrick (THE MUNSTERS, THE PHANTOM TOLLBOOTH, THE SIMPSONS, DICKY ROBERTS: CHILD STAR), Robert Dix (FORBIDDEN PLANET, LIVE AND LET DIE), Gregg Palmer (TO HELL AND BACK, THE SHOOTIST), Donnie Dunaghan (SON OF FRANKENSTEIN, TOWER OF LONDON, BAMBI), George Kosana (NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD); writer / director / actor / CINEMA INSOMNIA host “MR. LOBO”, makeup maestro / actor Tom Savini (DAWN OF THE DEAD, CREEPSHOW, DJANGO UNCHAINED, FROM DUSK TILL DAWN) and more. 

     For a details on the shoot see:
THE MAN WHO "SAVED" MOVIES: Production Blog #1 - Shooting Begins


(Wednesday - 7/10/13

     * Just received word last night that respected actor / artist / writer / director / publisher / radio producer MARK REDFIELD has agreed to be added to the list of on-camera participants in our film honoring Steve.   A true 21st Renaissance man, Mark's feature film credits include (among others) DARK AND STORMY NIGHT, COME HELL OR HIGH WATER and THE DEATH OF POE - which he also directed.  On television he has appeared as Father Hughes in Discovery Channel's IN THE GRIP OF EVIL. 

    He's founded two theater companies - Industrial Strength Theater and New Century Theater, publishes and edits the immensely popular POE FOREVERMORE and MONSTERPALOOZA magazines; and he has recently launched the POE FOREVERMORE RADIO THEATER, it's premiere episode, THE CASK OF AMANTILLADO (one of our all time favorite Poe stories by the way), set to debut later this month.  We're thrilled Mr. Redfield has joined our growing cast of artists / participants. 

     Prepare to be blown away at POEFOREVERMORE.COM:

(Monday - 7/8/13 )     

Just keeps getting better and better.  Received word this morning that composer LEE HOLDRIDGE has agreed to be a part of our film as an interviewee as well.  While Holdridge's name may not be a household word to some, his music certainly is!  A multi award winner, he is perhaps best known to most for the iconic 1980s Bruce Willis / Cybill Shepherd TV series MOONLIGHTING - responsible for both it's score and legendary Al Jarreau theme song.  He was also music composer of Louis Puenzo's 1989 historical drama OLD GRINGO, starring Gregory Peck, Jane Fonda and Jimmy Smits
; it's gorgeous South American pastoral tone making it one of our personal all time favorite film scores.  

He is also the musical voice behind Ron Howard's SPLASH, the popular 1980s CBS series BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, THE TUSKEGEE AIRMEN, THE MIST OF AVALON, JONATHAN LIVINGSTON SEAGULL,  the cult classic adventure THE BEASTMASTER, documentaries such as INTO THE ARMS OF STRANGERS: STORIES OF THE KINDERTRANSPORT, and (of course) one of the most popular soap operas in TV history - ONE LIFE TO LIVE.  He has also written songs and / or conducted for Stevie Wonder, Barbra Streisand, George Benson, Dionne Warwick, Placido Domingo, Dianna Ross and more.  Pretty wow, huh?

(Saturday - 7/6/13)

     * We're thrilled at the news that composer MARK MCKENZIE has officially invited us into his L.A. studio to film comments on his relationship with Steve, as well as views on the current state of film composition.  In addition to his own critically acclaimed scores (including THE DISAPPEARANCE OF GARCIA LORCA, MY FAMILY / MI FAMILIA, FRANK & JESSE; and check out his stunning THE GREATEST MIRACLE - a suite of which was performed live at WORLD YOUTH DAY before Pope Benedict the16th) McKenzie is THE film orchestrator of today, having orchestrated, conducted and / or supplied additional music to the scores of Danny Elfman (incl. MISSION:IMPOSSIBLE, MEN IN BLACK, SPIDER MAN 1 & 2, PLANET OF THE APES and SLEEPY HOLLOW), Bruce Broughton (on SILVERADO, YOUNG SHERLOCK HOLMES, HARRY AND THE HENDERSONS and more), Jerry Goldsmith (incl. STAR TREK: NEMESIS, THE SUM OF ALL FEARS, THE LAST CASTLE and TIMELINE) and many more.

    * Also received word today that actor PAUL CLEMENS is eager to "go before our cameras" as well. Clemens has starred in a number of extremely popular genre films, the most notable perhaps being two for director Phillipe Mora - THE BEAST WITHIN (1982) and COMMUNION (1994 - starring Christopher Walken, and based on the best seller by Whitley Strieber). Clemens is the son of legendary actress Eleanor Parker (THE SOUND OF MUSIC, THE NAKED JUNGLE, THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN ARM).  During the course of his jack-of-all-film-trades career he's also notched accomplishments as set designer and makeup artist.  Pretty impressive!  He and Steve have been good friends since meeting on the set of THE BEAST WITHIN back in the the early 1980s.  We're thrilled Mr. Clemens has agreed to participate in STEVE VERTLIEB: THE MAN WHO "SAVED" THE MOVIES.

Friday - 7/5/13)

     * A warm hearted  "THANK YOU!" (along with a great big East Coast hug) to the lovely JULIET ROZSA (daughter of BEN HUR, DOUBLE INDEMNITY, GOLDEN VOYAGE OF SINBAD composer Miklos Rozsa) for agreeing to be a part of our film, and for extending a gracious invitation to shoot in her home. 

day we pinch ourselves to make sure we're truly awake and that this is all really happening. 

                                                                                      - CEJ


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